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Agape (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)


In April, Dead Mule published my poem Agape. This is the third poem in the Love triad with Phileo and Eros, both published in February by The Legendary.


While an overtly religious poem, I believe Agape offers hope for everyone. It was written, as were the other two, for the friend turned briefly lover, reminding him in the darkest hour of the hope he’d found in the renewal of his own faith, and to keep trudging ahead, no matter the dips in the road.


But I find, especially at this time in my life, that I too need this reminder on a daily basis. No matter what life throws at you, there is hope somewhere. Nothing is all bad, you cling to the good to pull you out.


My belief in Christ has never let me down, no matter what the circumstances. May you find something in your own life to hold on to and give you peace just as well.

Carcinogenic Poetry   Leave a comment

Carcinogenic Poetry, the online journal of Vigorgray Press, published two of my poems today, “Mighty Tempting” and “Hopeville”. Mighty Tempting is a poem written in the voice of a character I sometimes use, known as Baby Girl. Her life is completely different from mine, her poems have a unique voice that is missing in my other work. Even when I read Baby Girl poems and stories aloud, I am told that not only does my voice change, my posture and facial expressions change as well.

Where does Baby Girl come from? I’m not sure, but I think I draw a lot on my Southern grandmother and her family for the vernacular Baby uses. She’s got an edge my Grandma didn’t have when I knew her, but I like to think, knowing bits and pieces of my family history, that she did have her strength as a young single mother in the back country of the panhandle.

Where Mighty Tempting is steeped in the South, Hopeville is a snapshot of New England. Written based on notes on a summer day at the pond, it captures the day better than a photo ever could.

Today draw on your region of the country. Write out a snapshot of it, what makes it special to you. Listen to the music of the language surrounding you. What makes this language different from anywhere else? Write a story or poem in that language.