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Cabin in a vineyard, Croatia

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The poem of mine published in Gloom Cupboard earlier this year, entitled Mr. Stephens Buys a Vineyard, came completely out of my imagination.  I know no one named Stephens, though I know a lot of Steves, including my brother, thought I don’t really think this came from any of them. Looking back, I don’t really know what inspired me on this one.

Rereading it after so long, though, I get it. Right now I feel as if I am starting over, hopefully for the very last time, so I can finally relate to this middle-aged man who has left the corporate world behind and put everything he has into rows and rows of grapes, treating them and the earth that nourishes them as the family he’s never had. I feel sorry for Mr. Stephens, he’s got money I don’t have, but I’ve got people who love me, so we’re more than even, I think I actually come out on top in this one.

To all the Mr. Stephens’s out there in the world tonight, thank you for allowing me to dream you up. For the rest of you, take some time before work tomorrow to dream up your own characters, try hard as you can to pull from nothing.