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Will be hard to do. Taking the GRE, and the extra study time I put in right before it, sucked up all the energy I had to write yesterday. I could tell you about the essays I wrote for that, but I’m sworn to secrecy. Seriously, they might take my grade away if they even knew I was talking to you.  They even made me spit out my own gum, substitute one of their own hard candies, and then throw away the wrapper right in front of them.

I have ideas for words like chicanery and skulduggery, so if you’re needing a prompt to get you through the weekend, there you go.

Good night and good luck. Write on!

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Elephant does not have a website. There is no Elephant Facebook page. The Elephant does not Tweet.

What Elephant is is a throwback to the underground literary culture of old, when poets put their work together and printed them out by hand, mimeograph machine, and then copier, stapled the pages together and handed them out on the streets. A zine of the truest kind, almost a broadside, no spine, just a staple in the corner. There is no price on Elephant, if you email the editor, he’ll email you an issue for free. If  you ever visit New London CT, you can find piles of copies available in almost every art gallery and all of the bars. You can also find it hiding out incognito in other cities, City Lights in San Francisco tends to carry a copy or two.

So you might be asking yourself, why on earth would this writer, who has published all over, and actually gotten paid to do so, want to be in a little two page pamphlet of poetry? Because the work is quality, I am proud to share pages with the people I do in the January 2010 issue. Richard Martin of Boston MA, Diane Di Prima of San Francisco, who has been a hero of mine ever since my first husband gave me a copy of Women of the Beat Generation by Brenda Knight. The Elephant is in the Room, quietly reminding us why we became writers in the first place, to have a voice.

If you want a copy, or to submit some of your work, the Elephant does have an email address,, and snail mail:

Jake St. John


152 St. John Rd.

Jewett City, CT


Since you can’t find it online, the poem Mr. St. John published of mine in January, Omniscience, is below.


While every house on Broadway sleeps

St. Pats keeps watch, looming

silent as concrete while its spotlights

announce a higher power

to the taverns winking

out on Main.