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Maintentant 4   Leave a comment

outside the Cornelia Street Cafe

Image by roboppy via Flickr

Every year, Three Rooms Press in New York City puts together a collection of Dada poetry and art under the title Maintentant, and dedicates a Son of Pony reading to Dada as well. This year I was fortunate enough to have a small poem and photograph included in the 4th installment of Maintentant, entitled “What my Refrigerator Feels”.

To me, the secret of a good Dada piece is the title. You run any random string of words together, put a clever title on it, and people find deep meaning in the nonsense you’ve created. For me, all I did was open my fridge up and list all of the items I saw within, and took a picture for good measure. There was also a companion piece that didn’t make it into the book, called “What My Refrigerator Says”, where I’d transcribed all the goofy sayings and poetry magnets on my fridge, then took a picture of them. Not as clever, I guess.

My sister and I went down for the big Dada reading, I wrote about that experience in the Legendary, and you can find that article here.

You can watch the video of that performance, as well as some other poets getting their Dada on at the Cornelia Street Cafe here.

Enjoy, get inspired.  Get random. Get Dada.