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What do Leonard Cohen and the film Independance Day have in common? They both heavily infleuenced my prose poem, “First, We Take Manhattan“, in which an alien lifeform delights in the convenient way in which humanity clusters in upon itself, making annihalation easy.

Music has always been a heavy influence on me, and Leonard Cohen has especially shown up quite a few time in my work, (Searching for Suzanne on Youtube, and Listening to Jeff Sing Hallelujah are two other poems of mine based on Cohen songs). This was the first time, though, that I gave the song a brand new interpretation, instead of simply building upon what was already there.

It wasn’t necessarily easy to do, and as I said, I took some inspiration from the movie Independence Day as well. Mashing up a song with a movie, and coming out with a prose poem. Who’da thunk?

Today, in your own writing. try to put two seemingly disparate things together, to create a third. Surprise yourself. And have fun!