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Will be hard to do. Taking the GRE, and the extra study time I put in right before it, sucked up all the energy I had to write yesterday. I could tell you about the essays I wrote for that, but I’m sworn to secrecy. Seriously, they might take my grade away if they even knew I was talking to you.  They even made me spit out my own gum, substitute one of their own hard candies, and then throw away the wrapper right in front of them.

I have ideas for words like chicanery and skulduggery, so if you’re needing a prompt to get you through the weekend, there you go.

Good night and good luck. Write on!

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  1. Hi Helen,

    I saw a Facebook post that Vagabondage Press has profiled you on their blog today, and I thought, ‘Hey, that name’s familiar to me.’

    This, by the way, is Scott Weiss…you have one of my pieces forthcoming in Chopper Journal. (I also have a piece forthcoming in The Battered Suitcase, which is one reason I follow them on FB.)

    Anyway, I’ve saved your blog to my favorites, and I’ll do my best to be a regular follower.

    I’m quite impressed that your life is so full and busy, yet you still find time to write regularly. I complain that between full-time work and grad school I find so little time to write these days, but you have inspired me!

    Just a note that my wife, Brenda, and I have started a Word Press blog of our own – Our Happy Hour – in which we (well, mostly Brenda at this point…I am so busy, you know) are chronicling our efforts to embrace a type of minimalist lifestyle in order to find more time in our lives for things such as writing.

    All the best to you and yours!


    P.S. – Good luck w/ the GRE – it’s been a few years since I took it, but it was indeed a bear to study for!

    • Hi Scott! Yes, I should be getting those Choppers out in the mail sometime this week. Sadly, I think this will be our last issue, as time constraints have made it difficult to maintain, and it isn’t fair to the great poets who send me their work. I will definitely check out your blog!

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