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A bed with canopy.

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I don’t often write non fiction. When I do, it tends to be a little hyper-non-fiction, exaggerating things to get a laugh or make a point. The article Gloom Cupboard printed of mine entitled “Beds I Have Known” does both.

I’d been toying with writing a poem about painting my bed when I was in my late teens, in my first apartment, and how my mother freaked when she saw it. But I could never get it right. Every time I would write it out in a poem, it seemed clunky, overblown, too gushy. So I just looked at my free write notes, started expanding on other beds, other stories, and it came together in a way I really liked. I tried taking myself out of it, making each bed a short story with fictitious characters, but it didn’t ring true. So, I just bit the bullet, kept me in there, and started sending it out as a non fiction essay. Gloom Cupboard snatched it up.

This long weekend, look around your home and view your furniture with a critical eye. What means something to you beyond a place to sit or sleep or eat? Is there a piece that has a family history? A personal history? A treasure you brought back from the flea market or dump and breathed new life into? Write an essay about it, describe it, describe your history with it.


2 responses to “Gloom Cupboard, 2009

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  1. Well Mrs. Peterson, I only know how to compose a poem in my native language Indonesian and always feel bad about the result coz am not specially educated in that field, but what surprisingly is, I got a lot of comments for my first poem though I wrote only 3 poems so far up to now. When I write the first poem, all of my heart and soul was in it, I cried describing how painful it is being poor and neglected by the government. Lot of reaction for that poem. Lot of pros than cons. I called that poem “Puisi Kata Hati” or “Poem from Heart” and I think that give me some strength that we can do anything, if we do it from heart. I see it also in you in all of your writings Mrs. Peterson. Bravo!!!!!

  2. It is always a good thing to get those emotions out and down on paper. Bravo Neneng! Thanks for reading.

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