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The Concelebratory Shoehorn Review is a blogazine that publishes by invitation only, and I have had the privilege to be asked twice.  The most recent time, they published four more of the poems inspired by David Foster Wallace’s dictionary, a collection I fondly call my 3 dollar word poems. In this issue you will find “You Obtund Me”, “Myopic Stipple”, “Such a Nannicock”, and “Lay Offs Induce Catalepsy”.

The nickname 3.00 word came from my poetry professor in college, Dr. Daniel Donaghy, who once told me during an independent study that I should never use a 3 dollar word in my poetry when a 2.00 one would do the same job in half the time. At the time, I was shoving as many heavy words as I could into the lines of my verse, something I was guilty of doing in my every day conversation as well. These days, since most of the people I converse with on a regular basis are under the age of sixteen, I tend to keep the words over 2 syllables to a minimum, otherwise I have to send my children and students running to the dictionary every five minutes.  I have taken Dr. D’s advice to heart, on these matters as well as others, and have become a better poet for it. As you’ll notice in these poems in particular, I keep the big words in the title, and then use the body of the poem to paint a picture of the big word’s meaning.

Do you know what obtund, myopic, nannicock, and catalepsy mean? Spend some time looking them up, and writing out your own definitions.

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