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Poetic Diversity is an online poetry journal from Los Angeles California that published two short poems of mine this month. Both poems, “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” and “Window-Framed” were written during flash sessions with fellow writers on an online workshop. Flash occurs twice a week on this specific site, when a member posts words and images, and other members write for a set amount of time inspired by those words and images. The flash could be an hour-long, or 24 hours long, depending upon the person who posts the prompts. It’s a fun way to get your creativity going. There are days when I look at the screen, or my journal, and nothing comes. When you’ve been given the gift of three or four little words, you can mold them any way you want to. I encourage everyone to have a Flash session with friends, or randomly open the dictionary, close your eyes, point to a few words, and fly Flash solo. I would even encourage you, if you feel like sharing, to post your own Flash experiences here in the comments section.

In fact, allow me to share the prompts that inspired these two poems, and see what you can do with them on your own. The word prompts for Window Framed were velvet, hammock, and indecision. The prompts for This Car Climbed Mt. Washington were cotton, speedometer, and mountain. Enjoy a little brain exercise on me. I look forward to seeing your results.

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